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Pirate Costume


Pirate Costume

Written By: Usharani
Date: 07/05/2015

"Pirates are one category, which is really been genderless and ageless," Pirate costumes also lend themselves for the activities such as scavenger hunts that even fits in with the trend of more Halloween parties and society events instead of or in addition to door-to- door trick-or-treating. A classic and male pirate costume may be only what you need to capture your valuable black pearl this Halloween.

Pirate costumes have now made a huge comeback and this is another option that a couple could use. There are sexy and traditional pirate costumes offered for sale along with fabulous ton of props. You could purchase eye patches, fake teeth, and hooks to full this costume. No pirate costume is complete with only the basic outfit. Piracy is a dirty, rough business, and you require all the tools of the trade to regulate the seven seas with an iron hand. Of course you're not a pirate until you have a trendy pirate hat.

Perhaps you may be interested in a Pirate Head wrap that isn't even a hat at all.We further offer a whole swing of special pirate weapons. Take your pick from a collection, which ranges from Pirate Guns to Pirate Cutlasses. Choose your own damage, and be ready for the British Royal Navy to follow you scalawags to the ends of the Earth.

Being a Pirate would surely allow you to cut loose and enjoy your Halloween night! Pirates, usually, were free-spirited scallywags. Make sure that you get into the actual personality and let that rebel side come out for the night! Steal a few kisses, grasp a bottle of rum and set sail for the night! This costume goes amazing with the one above to make a huge couples costume set. You'll feel like sailing on the seven seas and having the Pirate's life when you and your important other are dressed to kill in these costumes. Let your Pirate character come out to play! Maybe you'll filch the most excellent costume prize this year!


A pirate costume does not require being costly or difficult to make. Pirates did not have any consistent style of dress. They wore a disparity of loose-fitting clothing, normally whatever they could find. Black, brown, dark green, and burnt orange are well-liked colors for pirate pants. Usages of white, ivory, purple, red or blue for shirt colors are well admired. Pick up pants and shirts, which are at least one to two sizes too large.

Accessorize with black or brown shoes or boots (at times pirates go barefoot), a bandana tied smartly on the head; clip on gold hoop earrings, and amazing a toy sword stuck into your belt would just rock. If you desire to wear an eye-patch, make one from a square of black felt with black elastic safe to the corners. A small stuffed parrot could be pinned onto the shoulder.

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