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Pirate Clothes Providing Perfect Pirate Appearance


Pirate Clothes Providing Perfect Pirate Appearance

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Date: 07/05/2015

Pirates began in the first century with Vikings and other sea going adventurers. The first pirate clothes looks like the classic first century man. The typical pirate clothing was made out of necessity and helped fit the lifestyle of an oceangoing pirate. In Medieval times, pirates were called sea thieves and most of them sailed from the Middle East and there looks were like Sinbad. Then the most commonly recognized pirate clothes followed and the style of the 17th and 18th centuries influenced the look and shape of the clothing associated with the word pirate. Even female pirates clothes were based on the look of the 18th century gentlemen. From sea going adventurers, pirates, sailors to naval officers all wore similar pirate clothes. Since most pirates were hired as sailors first, they adapted their clothing from military uniforms of the day.

Pirate clothes are a range of clothing which can be worn by both men and women and moreover it is neither costly nor difficult to make. The designing of pirate clothes is quite easy as it does not have any consistent style. Pirate clothes are usually of loose-fitting and to attain a perfect pirate look, one always chooses pants and shirts that are bigger than their size.
Earlier, pirate clothing was made from fabrics, they could afford, or steal. The most common fabrics used in the making of pirate clothing include canvass, leather, wool, linen, cotton and sheepskin. The captain and the crew were more inclined to wear elaborate fabrics when they went ashore. These would include velvet, silk, damask, camlet and taffeta. Some times exotic feathers were also added to pirate clothes that enhanced more flare to the dress.


Some of the common pirate clothing include:

• Motley clothing – This type of clothing was made from fabrics of bright and mismatched color.

• Bandana - Typical bandana clothing is still found today, which was used to keep the sweat out of the eyes.

• Doublet or Coat – This was an expensive item of pirate clothing, which was worn only when on land. It was decorated with ornate braids and fabrics.

• Breeches – It was a pair of trousers, which were generally worn by English pirates.

• Knitted Caps – This was also called as Monmouth caps

• Waistcoats – This type of clothing was worn by flamboyant pirate captains.

• Drawers – This was tight fitting clothing that allowed carrying out difficult tasks of a pirate easily.

• Stockings - Woolen stockings for practical apparel and silk for land use

• Shirts - The puffed sleeves were suited to pirate clothing on land.

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