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How to Dress Like a Pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day


How to Dress Like a Pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Written By: The Dwarf
Date: 07/05/2015

Avast ye mateys!

Ye landlubbers may be a'ware that Satarrrday Septembarrr 19th be the most joyous of pirate grogfests known as International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  If ye be plannin' on talkin' like a pirate without the proper clothes... well ye shall walk the plank b'fore havin' any of me rum!  Luck'ly for ye lubbers Cap'n Dwarf shall whip ye into shipshape in time fer the celebration!  If ye follow me advice there shall be a wench for ev'ry man and a dashin' cap'n for ev'ry lass!

Pirate Shirts:

Any self respectin' pirate needs a shirt worthy of a long journey 'pon the high seas. If ye men be wantin' a be wantin' a basic deck swabbin' shirt ye might try the Buccaneer Shirt

or lasses all be beauties in a Barbarossa Blouse

Fer ye men be looting lots of booty and ye be at a fancy grogfest ye be wantin' the John Calles Shirt

or ye the lasses will pillage all the lads in the Hetha Blouse

Vests & Coats:

A proper pirate vest and coat can make a landlubbin' swab into a gentlemen o' fortune. All ye men should be feasting your eyes on the Captain Easton Vest if ye be wantin' to please the lasses.

And thar be vests fer ye wenches as well!  Gaze at this fine Mary Read Pirate Vest

No true pirate cap'n should sail the high seas wit'out a fine coat such as the Buccaneer Coat


Fer the lasses the Mary Read Pirate Coat be inspirin' fear in ye enemies!


All ye pirates be needing some comf'table pants that be lookin' good while lootin' booty! These Pirate Pants be a loyal companion fer all yer long journeys at sea.

Ye lasses be lookin' like a milliondoubloons in these Harem Pants

Hats: Hats be the most impor'antpo'session of any true pirate.  How else will people know that you be thar to loot em? A personal fav'rite for Cap'n Dwarf be the Capt. Jack Tricorn Hat

Ye may also be wantin' to consider a fearsome Pirate Black Bandana

Belts & Sashes: Sometimes a pirate be needin' somethin' to hold thar pants up! This Wide Pirate Belt will do the job!

Or try ye a Pirates Sash to sail the high seas with some high fashion!

If ye be liken' what you been gazin' 'pon remember that Cap'n Dwarf shall always provide ye with the finest mens an' womens pirate clothing and accessories!

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