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Gems in Tales of Pirates


Gems in Tales of Pirates

Written By: jane
Date: 07/05/2015

There are nine categories gems in Tales of Pirates, we will first to introduce Common Gems, and the others we will provide for you the next time. Pay attention to us and you will get more information.

Common Gems, that we always abbreviated as comm, which also include nine gems we list below.
- Refined Gem
Effect: This is the most important gem, it allows you to can forge all gems in your equips, remeber that the refined gem must be the same level(Tales of Pirates Gold) than the gem you want to forge.
- Fiery gem:
Effect: 4 attack bonus.
Forged in: one handed or Two handed swords
- Explosive gem:
Effect:  10 attack bonus.
Forged in: pistols.
- Lustrious gem:
Effect:  5 hit rate bonus.
Forged in: gloves or weapons.
- Furious gem:
Effect:  6 attack bonus
Forged in: two handed swords, bows, daggers and staffs.
- Glowing gem:
Effect:  5 defense bonus.
Forged in: armours or shields
- Shining gem:
Effect:  100 hp bonus.
Forged in: armours or shields.
- Shadow gem:
Effect:  2 dodge bonus.
Forged in: boots and weapons
- Spirit Gem:
Effect:  1 spr bonus.
Forged in: boots and weapons.


- Fengs Defence.
Effect:  15 defense bonus.
Forged in: armour.
- Bings Dodging.
Effect:  10 dodge bonus.
Forged in: Boots.
- Locks Hit.
Effect:  10 hit rate bonus.
Forged in: gloves.
- Chiatans Aura.
Effect:  10 critical hit rate bonus.
Forged in: hat.
- Shark's Strengthening.
Effect:  300 hp(TOP Gold) bonus.
Forged in: armour and shield.
- Yellow Jade.
Effect:  10 defense bonus.
Forged in: hat.
- Red Jade.
Effect:  200 hp bonus.
Forged in: hat.
- Green Jade.
Effect:  200 sp bonus.
Forged in: hat.
You can get all this gems buying them on item mall.

Yo can get all this gems from item mall, award center, some mobs drop them and as a reward of pirate club.

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